Sides of Beef (1/2 Steer)

Beef cutsDue to overwhelming demand, Pat's Pastured is partnering with another local farm, just over the border in CT, to provide a limited number of customers with Sides of Beef (1/2 steer).

We have been working closely with this farm for several years and they grow some of the best Black and Red Angus around. 

Unfortunately, we do not have enough of our own grass-fed beef to provide it at a bulk rate, but by partnering with another local farm, we are able to serve more of our customers.

The beef we are offering is pasture-raised but not 100% grass-fed. In addition to pasture and hay the cows are fed corn silage. (Corn silage is the whole corn plant including the ear ground up.) These animals are NOT fed any processed grains or soy and are free of antibiotics and hormones.

This is some great beef and we are sure you will love it. (Farmer Pat says if he didn't produce his own, he would definitely buy this beef!) 

We only have 8 sides available and they are on a first come, first served basis. They will go quickly!

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The Details:

-  The cost is $4.50 lb Hanging Weight.*

-  Hanging weight for a Side of Beef (1/2 steer) is estimated to be between 400-500 lbs. However, due to the nature of this process, customers understand that this is not an exact number and can go up or down. (For example, the cost for a 500 lb Side at $4.50 lb would be $2,250.)

- The weight percentage of the final cuts of meat from the hanging weight ranges from 45-55%. (For example, if the hanging weight is 500 lbs, the amount of product cut and wrapped will be about 250 lbs.)

-  Customers get to choose cuts by filling out a Cut Sheet.** 

-  Beef is aged for 10-14 days.

-  Beef cuts will be labeled and vacuum packed at a USDA inspected plant in Rhode Island.

-  Pick-up will be at the end of October / beginning of November at our Jamestown farm. No delivery or storage of orders is available.

-  Customers will need a chest freezer or large upright freezer to accommodate this volume of meat.

-  We can only provide sides (not quarters) at this time, but you can purchase with a friend and divide after you pick up.

-  A $350 non-refundable deposit is required to place your order.

*Hanging Weight: When the animal is processed the weight of the carcass minus the head, hide and organs. This weight is different than the total weight of the finished cuts you will receive. It is important for customers to understand this distinction.

** Cut Sheet: This form allows customers to choose the cuts they would like to receive. Customers will have an appointment with Pat in advance of butchering to go over this form.


Download Order Form (PDF)


Please contact us if you have any questions.

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