Livestock Guardian Dogs


Livestock Guardian Dogs (LGDs) have been bred for thousands of years to protect flocks of sheep, poultry and other livestock from predators. They are large enough to intimidate or kill predators, withstand extreme weather, and bond with the animals they are protecting.


About Pat’s Pastured LGDs

After having to travel as far as Maryland and Georgia to purchase working dogs for our farm, we decided to start breeding our own LGDs to offer as a resource for farmers in the Northeast.

Pat’s Pastured LGDs are a cross between three common LGD breeds -- Anatolian Shepherd, Akbash and Great Pyrenees. We select our breeding dogs based on their performance in the pastures. All of our LGDs were bred and born on our farm, raised alongside the animals they are trained to protect, and trained by their parents and our other LGDs. 


We do not have any LGD's available at this time.  We will have LGD's available for sale in the fall of 2013.   Check back for updates!