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Posted 9/22/2015 11:02am by Patrick McNiff.

Now is the time to reserve one of our free-range Standard White Turkeys that are raised on pasture and fed non-GMO grains for Thanksgiving.

These turkeys are excellent foragers, and therefore the pasture-based diet really influences the flavor and quality of the meat. Known for having a generous amount of white breast meat, this turkey will make an excellent centerpiece for your Thanksgiving meal.  

Our turkeys will run 15-28 lbs this year, and cost $5.75 per lb.  

Remember quantities are limited so make sure to make your reservation as soon as possible.

We have made the decision that this year we will be offering FROZEN pasture-raised turkeys rather than freshly processed. Why?  

The cold November temperatures result in cold turkeys, which may cause our happily pastured turkeys discomfort and the possibility of  even catching pneumonia. We love our turkeys. We want them to be healthy and unstressed, so we’ve elected to raise them during comfortable weather and process them at the end of October.

Also, our processing takes place in our outdoor mobile processing unit, which requires lots of people to put their hands in ice-cold water. We love our employees and volunteers and we want them to be healthy so they can enjoy Thanksgiving with their families.

You may be thinking, the supermarket offers fresh turkeys, why can’t Pat? The majority of the turkey raised for Thanksgiving are routinely kept slightly frozen, in what is called a ‘soft freeze’ at 28 degrees for up to 6 months and then sells them as “fresh” in the market.

By purchasing our pastured turkey, hard frozen late in the season, raised in wonderful conditions and stabilized in the freezer until Thanksgiving, you can be assured that your bird was loved and nurtured, and now it nurtures your family.

We have Two Convenient Pickup Options

Pat's Pastured Thanksgiving Market* 830 South Rd, E. Greenwich, RI Sunday November 20th, 10am – 2pm
Hope Artiste Village Farmers Market 1005 Main St, Pawtucket, RI  Saturday November 19th 9am- 1pm

 *Our Thanksgiving Market will offer cranberries, flowers and centerpieces, apple cider, pies and breads, organic veggies and cheese, coffee, and of course all of your favorite Pat's Pastured products. 

You can Reserve your Turkey in Three Ways 
1.  You can download the registration form and hand-deliver it with your payments/deposit in-person at any of our markets or the Farm Store (cash, check, credit card accepted)
2.  You can mail the 2016 Turkey Form with a check payment to:  Pat's Pastured, 830 South Rd, E. Greenwich, RI  02818 
3.  Or you can register/reserve online with a secured PayPal transaction at our website:

Note: Please make sure you get a confirmation once you make your reservation, if you do not, please email 


Posted 9/17/2015 9:40am by Patrick McNiff.

This winter season we are offering two CSA options.

The composition will depend on what is seasonally available...that's the beauty of eating locally and in season.

Poultry Share

Each MONTH (November through April), your share will include 3 whole chickens (approximate 12- 13 pounds), 1 package of chicken parts (breasts, legs & thighs, wings or tenders) plus 2 dozen free-range eggs.

The Cost: For a 6 month subscription the share cost is $545**.

Meat Share 

Each MONTH (November through April), your share will include 10-15 pounds of meat* plus 1 dozen free-range eggs. The meat will always be from at least two species, but we will do our best to include some meat from all species available (pork, chicken, and beef). We will make every effort to include a mixture of species and a mixture of premium to economical cuts.

*Some months the total weight will be slightly less when smaller, higher-priced cuts are included.

Sample share A:  A monthly share may include 2 whole chickens, 1 lb ground beef, 1 lb beer bratwurst, 1 lb pork chops, 1 lb beef shoulder steak, 1 lb pork spare ribs, 1 lb of bacon, 1 lb chicken breasts, and 1 dozen eggs.

Sample share B:  Alternatively, a monthly share may include 1 lb ground beef, 1 lb savory breakfast sausage, 1 lb chorizo, 1 lb of pork chops, 1 lb chicken legs & thighs, 2 lbs of country-style pork ribs, 1-2 lb beef shanks, a 4 lb whole chicken and 1 dozen eggs.

The Cost: For a 6 month subscription the share cost is $650**.

**Credit Card transactions will be subject to 3% Technology Fee.  There is no Technology Fee charge when paying with cash or check. 

Please read the Terms and Conditions before registering for the CSA Program. Thank-you! 


2015-16 WINTER CSA Pick-Up Dates

@ Farm

Nov 13 - Dec 11 - Jan 8 - Feb 5 - Mar 4 - Apr 1

@ Hope Artiste Village Pawtucket 

Nov 14 - Dec 12 - Jan 9 - Feb 6 - Mar 5 - Apr 2


You can register for our CSA Program in 3 Easy Ways:

1.  Register online with a secured PayPal transaction

2.  Mail-in the registration form with a check payment to:  Pat's Pastured, 830 South Rd, E. Greenwich, RI  02818

3.  Or hand-deliver your registration form with your check, cash, or credit card payment at any of our Farmers Markets or the Farm Store.

Posted 7/7/2015 11:51am by Patrick McNiff.

Farm Store this Friday July 10th from 3-6 and Hope Street Market Saturday July 11th 9-1!

We look forward to seeing you!

Posted 6/16/2015 9:02am by Patrick McNiff.

Greetings Cross Fit-PVD Buying Club Members!

The Pat's Pastured Buying Club Store will close at 10 pm tonight for orders.  We will deliver your online order to CFP on Saturday, June 20th at 9:30 AM. See you then!

To Place your Orders:

User Name: (your e-mail address)

Password: XFITPVD     (case-sensitive)

Please read our Buying Guide for step-by-step instructions and details about the buying club.

NOTE: You will receive a confirmation e-mail immediately after placing your order. This confirmation email should list the items that you have ordered.  If you do not receive a confirmation e-mail, it means we did not receive your order.  If you are unsure if your order went through, please contact me.  

Delivery date: Saturday, June 20th
Time: 9:30 AM
Delivery Site: Cross Fit - Providence, 425 Washington Street

If you would like to pay with PayPal in advance, please send me an email so that I can send you a PayPal invoice.  You may either pay in advance with PayPal or you can pay via cash or check at delivery.  If you would like to order, but are unable to make it to the pick-up, please pay via PayPal and your goods will be held for you in the gym freezer/fridge.  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me at or (401)598-6259.

Happy ordering!

Pat's Pastured


Posted 6/9/2015 4:27pm by Patrick McNiff.
Greetings Swansea Buying Club Members!

It's time to start up the Buying Club again! If you know anyone who might be interested in joining please pass the information along. We are always happy to have new members! The Buying Club Store is now open through Tuesday evening June 16th for delivery on June 20th at 2:30 PM.

Please take a few minutes and read through these guidelines below before placing your order.   If you have any questions at any point along the way please do not hesitate to contact me at  

Please note that the prices listed on the store are per pound and do not reflect the actual weight or price of each product in your cart.  For example, the price listed for a whole chicken is $4.75/lb.  A whole chicken can range from 3-5 lbs (you can select your size) and therefore your whole chicken will be $4.75 x the weight of the bird you have selected.  The same goes for any roasts that you might order.  Please note that the weight range for each product is in the product description.  You will get a separate email with your actual total when we have finished weighing and packing your orders.
1.  To place your orders, please go to:
Your username:  (the email address that you are using to read this)
Your password:  swansea (no caps)
2. Click on any of the “Stores” to begin shopping. (Stores are simply how we categorize the different types of products we offer:  Grassfed Beef, Pastured Poultry, Pastured Pork, Hopkins Farm Lamb, Free-Range Eggs, Maple Syrup).

3. Select the products / quantities that you would like to purchase and add them
to your shopping cart.
4. Navigate to other “Stores” using the column on the right-hand side of the page.
6. When you have finished shopping in all the stores click “Continue to Check-
7. Review your order. Edit quantities if necessary. When your order is complete,
click “Continue to Checkout.”
8. YOU AREN'T FINISHED YET!  Select your pick-up location (Swansea). Click “Choose and
9.  If you have any notes for us / special requests write them here. (Ex: “We are a large family and would like our butt roast to be on the larger side).   We make NO guarantees that
we will be able to honor your request but will do our best.
10.  Submit your order!  NOTE: You will receive a confirmation e-mail immediately after placing your order. This confirmation email should list the items that you have ordered.  If you do not receive a confirmation e-mail, it means we did not receive your order.  If you are unsure if your order went through, please contact me. 
What if you are trying to place an order and are totally placed my order but
made a mistake?  Don’t worry! Remember, there are (friendly!!) humans on the
other side of your computer screen. Email. Call. We can help!
Important stuff you need to know
1.  All prices listed (with the exception of eggs) are PER POUND
2. All of our meats are pre-packaged and frozen, per USDA and RI Department of Health Department regulations.
3.  Quantity is the number of PACKAGES you would like to order (NOT the number of pounds).

4. See the description of each item for an approximate weight range for each package.

5. Occasionally due to circumstances beyond our control we may need to make substitutions (a Shoulder Roast for a Butt Roast, for example).  If you prefer not to receive any substitutions, please note this when placing your order.

5. We are not able to provide invoices with payment totals until after we pack your orders. Once all orders are placed, we will hand weigh each item and calculate the cost. This process will take us a few days after when the store closes. (If necessary, you should be able to calculate a fairly accurate ballpark figure based on quantities ordered, package sizes and price per pound.)

6. There is a $.25 per pound delivery fee assessed to all orders to help off-set our fuel costs.

 8. At this time we are able to receive payments via CASH (exact change only), check, Meat Money, or PayPal (though you must note this in your order to receive a PayPal invoice).

9. Remember to bring a cooler or insulated bag to transport your order home.

QUESTIONS / CONCERNS - Contact Jessica at, or (401) 598-6259.

NOTE: You will receive a confirmation e-mail immediately after placing your order. If you do not receive a confirmation e-mail, it means we did not receive your order.

Delivery Date:  Saturday, June 20th
Delivery Time:  2:30 pm
Location:  250 Bay Point Rd, Swansea, MA 
Host:  Aimee Munro, 508-536-9913, 

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me at (401)598-6259.

Happy ordering!

Posted 3/13/2014 2:13pm by Patrick McNiff.

Posted 2/24/2013 9:39pm by Sue Chien.

Hey There Pat's Pastured Friends!   

We are back from our newsletter hiatus to bring you the latest news at Pat's Pastured!  This issue includes registration information about our Summer Meat and Poultry CSA's, our Meat Money Program, Winter Farmers' Markets, Winter Store Hours, and Work-Share Opportunities for the upcoming season!


REGISTRATION IS OPEN TODAY (Monday, Feb 25th) FOR CSA AND MEAT MONEY PROGRAMS!  So be sure to read the newsletter or go to our website for infomation on how to register!   

Read our Winter Newsletter by clicking the link!

Posted 11/13/2012 9:01am by Patrick McNiff.

Hi there!


It's our November Newsletter!  Enjoy!

Posted 10/5/2012 10:37am by Patrick McNiff.

Hey Everyone!

Please enjoy our October Newletter.  It is filled with updates about our Winter CSA and Meat Money Program, Turkey reservations, and even recipes! 

October 2012 Newsletter


Posted 9/4/2012 11:00am by Patrick McNiff.

 Is it September already?   We have a ton going on at the farm these days, and we would love to share our news with you.
Please enjoy our September Newsletter

It includes some of our upcoming events such as the Winter CSA registration, reserving your Thanksgiving turkey, and of course our much-anticipated Grazing Dinner at Chez Pascal this coming Monday, Sept 10th.  We hope that you can join us!
Thank-you for supporting our farm!